COVID-19 Protocols

Free Flight Dance Co. COVID-19 Protocol Video


Due to COVID-19 protocols, we currently have limited class spaces. We suggest registering as soon as possible to ensure your dancers spot in a class. To register, please email


Signs are located at the main entrances of the building and by each individual studio door entrance. Hand washing instructions and reminders will be posted in all bathrooms. Social distancing signage is posted through studios reminding dancers to maintain a 2 metre physical distance. Floor and Barre Markers are designated in each studio as well as Put Your Stuff Here markers for your bag, outside shoes and water bottle. Changerooms are closed.


The studio lobby will be closed to reduce traffic and congregation of students/parents. No parents will be allowed into the building. Dancers will wait outside until their teacher opens the door for them to enter.


Each studio will have a maximum of 9 students and 1 teacher per class. We could fit in more, but we want to give the students the most fun and normal class experience rather than standing on an X and not moving. Designated floor markers are 9ft apart with lots of room to move forward and backwards and side to side. When travelling across the floor, students will social distance down one side of the studio and move forward accordingly. Teachers remain in their own marked off square area throughout the class.


Hand sanitizer will be available at the front entrance for all students to use upon entering the building. Hand sanitizer is also available in class, if needed. Hand sanitizer will be provided to each dancer after each Acro tumbling pass or after any across the floor work that requires the floor to be touched. Hand sanitizer will be provided to each student as they leave the studio.


Masks are mandatory upon entry/exit of studios, throughout common areas to enter and during classes for ages 5yrs +.

It is one more layer of protection to keep students, parents, the faculty and families safe.


All floors, barres and equipment (if used) will be cleaned and sanitized between classes. All high touch surfaces will be wiped down between classes. Bathrooms will be sanitized after each use by the students and between each class. All studios will be cleaned daily and a full studio cleaning every weekend once again.


Outer doors will be left open during classes for fresh air. Windows will be opened in between classes to allow for ventilation between classes. We also have air purifiers in both studio spaces.


Dancers should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before class begins. Upon arrival, find an empty social distancing spot by an orange cone along the outside wall at the front of the studio. The teacher will open the studio door and take each student’s temperature. Dancers are allowed to enter 1 by 1 maintaining a 2 metre distance. After entering, students will hand sanitize and then dancers will find a social distancing spot ( MY STUFF HERE) sign. They will remove their outside shoes and put on their dance shoes. They will put all of their belongings into their dance bag and move to a designated space on the barre or centre floor.


All students will hand collect their belongings and hand sanitize before exiting the back of the studio and line up social distancing. Parents will pick up students at the back of the studio. Please be on time for pick up as teachers will be sanitizing the studio before the next class begins.


We have social distancing line up at front and rear of studio for drop off and pick up, proper floor, barre and belongings signage all throughout the studio.


Only one dancer will be allowed to use the washroom at a time. There will be no changing or fixing hair in the washroom. Washrooms will be sanitized after each use and between classes. Dancers must hand-wash.


Dancers must arrive prepared/dressed for dance class. There will be no changing upon arrival or between classes.


All dancers and instructors must perform a health screening prior to arrival. If a dancer or anyone in the dancer’s household has any Covid-19 symptoms (fever, cough, chills, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, loss of appetite) the dancer must stay home. If a dancer becomes unwell during class, they will be removed from the class and a parent will be called immediately. If you have a cough or a fever, you must stay home until you are symptom-free for a minimum of 3 days.


Dancers must bring their own water bottles to class. There will be no water bottle refilling available at the studio.


All ballet dancers will have a numbered spot for placement at the barre. All acro students will be provided a personal acro mat / block for their exclusive use during the class. These will be sanitized between each class.


Dance shoes will be put on before the class begins at designated social distancing spots. Younger dancers, please have shoes on before class begins as teachers cannot help or have physical contact with dancers. Hip hop runners must be separate clean shoes that will be worn in the studio only. Dance shoes and socks/tights must be worn at all classes except for Acro. A gentle reminder to tap students not to tap outside!!!


Dancers must limit their belongings and only bring what is required for class into the studio. We have designated PUT YOUR STUFF HERE markers 2 metres apart in studios and entrances. Please only bring a small bag, your dance shoes and water bottle. Cell phones MUST be kept in bags.


Do not bring any food into the studio. Dancers must eat outside or in their vehicle between classes.


To limit the number of people in the building, we will not be operating under regular office hours. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email at