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Hayley Williams

Hayley first started to love dance through her competitive gymnastics training. She trained in competitive gymnastics for over 10 years and upon retiring at 16 as a National Gymnast she continued to train in dance with her gymnastics facilities teacher. During this time, Hayley was involved in many sports ranging from two different World Cheer teams to Acrobatics, but she always felt a special place out on the stage! 

Her various training and background is what landed her in many “Special Ability” and “Stunt” work roles for the entertainment industry including playing a cheerleader for the hit CW show "HellCats". Her most recent work included working with Disney Director Kenny Ortega and Choreographer Paul Decker, who is known for the High School Musical trilogy, in the Disney feature musical "Descendants". 

Hayley’s passion for dance and performing is what led her to pursue training in Long Beach, California before returning back to B.C. to teach. Hayley now has over seven years of experience teaching in various dance studios all over the Lower Mainland, specializing in
Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro, Yoga and Strength / Conditioning. We are very happy to welcome Miss Hayley to the Free Flight Family