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This is a funky and very popular form of street jazz. It is primarily associated with breaking, which appeared in New York in the early 70’s. Hip Hop still has many elements that can be traced back to this early style but evolves and changes constantly, party because it is improvisational by nature. The music and movement originated on the street and was mainly in the Black and Hispanic communities.

In the early 80’s, after a lot of confusion over names like “Break Dancing” when the movie Breakin” put al the various styles under this one title, Hip Hop music and dance took new forms and the Hip Hop sub-culture was firmly established.

Today we mostly see styles that were once in a catagory of their own being accepted within the Hip Hop umbrella, such as krumping etc. Hip is is still very stylized and includes lots of body isolations.

Hip Hop starts at age 4 with a Jazz/Hip Hop short program called Move & Groove

We also offer competitive hip hop to those with the drive and commitment to strive to a higher level, including a division in our youth dance company.

Black sweat pants or leggings,  black fitted tank/t-shirt and Converse Chuck Taylor Hightops black with white trim/sole.

Move & Groove Jazz/Hip Hop comfy stretch shorts or leggings, hair tied up, clean non mark runners

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