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Seriously addictive!! A fun way of developing coordination, rhythm and musicality. From ages 4 to adults. This year we introduce an exciting new way of teaching tap to stimulate musicality, rhythms, fun and creativity. All our tap programs will be experiencing this fantastic new way of learning tap and performance.

Tap was developed in the US during the 19th Century but is popular all over the world now. The name comes from the sound that dancers made when the metal plates on the shoes came into contact with a hard surface.  The amazingly intricate rhythms in tap make a dancer also a percussive musician.

Tap has many variations, the two major ones being Rhythm Tap which is more closely linked with jazz and Broadway Tap, which is used so much in Musical Theatre.

Black  leotard with black shorts or leggings. Black leather oxford tap shoes .Adults, jazz pants, dance top. Hair in bun or braids