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Leanne Kennedy


Jazz is probably the second most important discipline technique wise, and a great complimentary (cross) training for Ballet dancers. A dynamic and high energy form of dance, filled with exciting jumps, floor work and many types of pirouettes.  The style is very syncopated and most often performed to pop music. As changing as musical styles are, so too does jazz keep evolving and changing. The relationship between the music and movement is very direct, and most importantly the dancer requires a lot of strength, energy and technique to really advance in this genre.

We have programs for children age 5 and up and include adult classes and offer recreational, once a week programs right up to the highest level of competitive programs, including a Jazz division in the performing company (The Flow) for which ballet is a requirement.

We also offer competitive classes for group and individual competition - again ballet is a requirement, along with a lot of drive, motivation and commitment.

Black leotard, black spandex shorts or leggings. Beige jazz booties for all classes except toe undies for Sr. Dancers. Hair in bun or 2 braids.