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An exciting form of dance that combines jazz and ballet movements into a modern form that is more emotionally expressive than jazz and introduces floor work not used in ballet, to young modern dancers. Lyrical tells a story through every movement and is mostly performed to music with lyrics that are the inspiration for the movement.  Though most often very graceful, depending on the music and age/maturity of the dancer it can be also be very gritty and moving.

A solid ballet technique is essential to lyrical, combined with jazz and even contemporary training this beautiful art form is brought to it’s heights by dancers who also feel and perform the music and story line.

It incorporates the use of turnout as well as “natural” and parallel positions. This has become a very popular discipline, especially since So You Think You Can Dance has become such a huge TV hit.  

Black leotard, black spandex short or leggings, beige toe undies, Snr. Dancer contemporary half slipper. Hair in a bun or two braids into a flat bun.

Leanne Kennedy
Leanne Kennedy