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Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Crucial to ballet training is a qualified teacher with the ongoing professional development that it takes to stay ahead of the increased knowledge of the human body and how it develops as children grow. We have created a safe, progressive program where the well-being of the whole child is always a top priority.

We also offer the opportunity to compete in local competitions.  If you ever thought ballet was “stuffy”, you have not done ballet at Free Flight Dance! The Royal Academy of Dance has also introducing new syllabi that is perfectly aligned with our belief that ballet should be exciting and stimulating to learn, but should also be fun, confidence building and at the same time progress the student in a safe, age appropriate manner, allowing their spirits to soar to the heights of their potential.

Pre-Primary and Primary: powder blue short sleeved leotard, matching semi-sheer elastic waist skirt, pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers, hair in a bun.

Grades 1-5: navy blue leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers, black character skirt, black character shoes, hair in a bun. 2 classes per week required for exams.

ntermediate Foundation and above, see teacher. For exams, R.A.D requirements are on their website,
www.radcanada.org. At least three hours training per week is required at this level, more hours at Advance 1 and above.

Julie Brash