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Royal Academy of Dance - Ballet Exams

Why take exams?

To have a goal to work towards and to attain your personal best. This should be fun but also teaches you work ethic and the reward of working hard. To earn recognition from the world's largest ballet examining body and in the higher levels, have those exams recognized as high school credits.

What is the build up in the R.A.D exams?

Exams start at Primary and go through to Grade 8 Award in the graded syllabus. This syllabus includes Classical Ballet, Free Movement and Character. The grade syllabus develops musicality, co-ordination that increases in complexity each grade level and self awareness. Doing the exams builds performance skills and confidence.

The minimum age for Grade 1 is 7 years old. Vocational Graded Exams begin with Intermediate Foundation and finish with the Solo Seal Award. These are exams that include Pointe Work, therefore cannot be undertaken until the student is strong enough to manage pointe work. The minimum age for Intermediate Foundation is 11 years old.

How do I prepare for an exam?  

Two classes per week are required at Free Flight Dance for the Grade Exams, Vocational Exams require a minimum of two classes per week, increasing as you progress toward the higher levels. There are also extra coaching classes leading up to the exams. These are paid for separately and payment includes the cost of the pianist for the rehearsal and in the case of the graded exams the pianist for exam day. The classes include very exact exam formatting including partner work and cannot be missed except with a doctor's note.

How do I know the exam will be fair?  

The Royal Academy of Dance Examiners are highly trained and follow strict quality assurance procedures. Each student is marked against a set of assessment criteria specific to that exam. extract from the R.A.D. brochure - "Taking Exams")

When will we receive our results?

The exam results are all sent to London, England to be recorded there, so the results take approximately 6 weeks to come back. You will receive a result form and a certificate listing the marks you have been awarded and the result obtained.

More information regarding the Royal Academy of Dance can be obtained online at www.radcanada.org

Graded rehearsal letter

Vocational rehearsal letter