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Competition Newsletter

***Schedules from each competition will be emailed directly to parents. Please ensure you have added us to your safe sender’s list so as not to miss any important information

Attention Parents and Students:

This letter addresses the expectations and commitment required on behalf of the student, parent, and teacher in regards to being a member of a competitive class.

Firstly, attendance in class is mandatory as choreography begins very early in the year. We understand circumstances arise that are unavoidable; however, it is important to make every effort to attend class. If there will be an absence it is important to contact the teacher prior to class preferably by email.

Group competitions begin in the early spring and begin just before Spring Break and ending mid May. A schedule of dates will be made available A.S.A.P. Competition dates and times may involve weekday or weekend participation.

Extra rehearsals WILL be scheduled on weekends closer to competition dates, if the teacher deems it necessary. All students are expected to attend
these classes.

Negative talk is not permitted at competition. It’s the teacher’s job to give constructive feedback after the competition, the parent’s job is to be group or student cheerleader. The teacher’s job is to be coach. Please keep these lines clearly defined at all times.  

What are the expectations?

Participants must arrive in costume/makeup/hair 1 hour before competing and be prepared to warm-up and stretch prior to going on stage. Punctuality is extremely important, it is important to be prepared for the unexpected - parking, traffic etc. The teachers make every attempt to attend competitions; but with a very full teaching schedule this is not always possible. On occasion when we are not available the class parent will be responsible for the class and music. The class parent may also be required to be back stage and/or play music for the group.

The role of the class parent is to be an active communicator. Class parents have the responsibility to connect with both the parents and the teacher. Each class should have 2 class parents who will be given the contact information of all students in that class.

If you would like to sign up to be class parent, please contact your child's teacher. If there is a class without a parent representative, we may have to assign parents. It is expected of ALL students to be respectful of the parents in charge.

It is very important to understand the importance of presentation. Costumes, headpieces, tights, shoes, props, and other personal items are to be treated like gold. All dancers should have garment bags or boxes to store costumes and accessories. Headpieces must be stored where they won't get damaged. Shoes must be kept scuff free. Tights are not to be ripped, it is important to always carry a spare. Be prepared.

After each competition, dancers should check to make sure they have all pieces belonging to costume. A competition kit includes hair necessities: gel/hairspray/bobby pins/elastics etc., make-up, and any additional costumes accessories. Organization is very necessary to prevent last minute panic situations.

The extra costs involved in being a member of a competitive class include: entry fees (cost may vary), costumes (additional accessory fees), shoes, and or tights.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the studio - phone or email.


It is important for the students to take ownership of their dance and be confident when they step foot on stage. Competition is a team building experience; an excellent opportunity to create a sense of pride for both the dancers and our studio.

What is our studio philosophy?

The competitive dance scene allows students to be exposed to others who will motivate them and who share the same passion for dance; at the same time, we also want the students to have fun. Being a participant in competition provides students with additional performance experience. We expect our dancers to share their joy and excitement with dancers from all other studios, speaking positively at all times to all other competitors. Parents should lead by example at competition and negative talk should be squished immediately.

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