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****Any above links to last week of class schedule, makeup etc. will be activated as and when the information becomes available.

For the Finale at the end of the second half please wear black shorts or leggings/pants and a BLACK, WHITE OR TURQUOISE/BLUE (or combination of the above colours) T-shirt or tank top or shirt, boys come shorts/pants and in bright t-shirts.

RECITAL INFORMATION  - The recital this year is June 16, 17 at the Genesis Theatre at Delta Secondary School in Ladner.

Any unsold tickets will be available at the door, $20 each, cash only please as we have no access to wifi for Visa/MasterCard

THERE IS TO BE NO PHOTOGRAPHY AT ALL IN THE CHANGE ROOMS.  Anyone caught taking a photo in a change area will have their device removed and photos will be removed by the parent of that student. People are not always careful to check around them for students changing before taking and posting photos and even if there is nothing in the photo, it’s still very offensive to many

The Saturday & Sunday shows starts at 2 pm, which means all ballet students must be there by 1:15 pm  and all others students by 1.45 pm, in first costume and makeups. See order of the show link above as to what to wear first.

1 - No students will be allowed to leave the backstage until the intermission (for ballet students not in second half) or the end of the show for everyone else, there are people watching the children until the show ends. You cannot come backstage to change your child then return to your seat, please note the dressing room Moms are there for that purpose and no one will be at the backstage door to let you in! Please remain in your seats and do not disrupt the show. The eneses is a smaller theatre making this even more disruptive.

2 - All students are to arrive in the first costume they will be wearing (check the list at the top of this page for the Order of the First and Second halves) with hair and makeup done. Please include a spare pair of tights (if they are wearing them) and ensure that every costume has ALL pieces, including shoes, hairpieces etc. Do a full check BEFORE you leave home, and pin all pieces together or put each costume into a bag with accessories. There is nothing fun about watching a group of 11 children remove hairpieces because the 12th has forgotten hers at home! Most young children will only receive their hair pieces at recital, one of the Moms will be in charge for each group. Take your costumes, clothing and make up with you at the end of each day. Please tidy your area BEFORE you leave the theatre.

3- Parents of younger children please send story books, colouring pencils (NO wax crayons or markers or glue, please), beading work or other fun things to keep them busy while they are waiting to perform. Note: Use your discretion about sending your child with any expensive electronic devices as it is pretty crazy backstage and we’d hate for your child to lose their beloved IPod or whatever the latest technology is. The children often like to make cards for each other or their teacher while they are waiting in the dressing rooms. If everyone brings something fun they can do as a group it makes the experience in the dressing room far more fun and enjoyable for all! They are better kept busy than over excited. Please remind the children that they must keep their energy in check, as they will need it for their actual stage performance.

4 - All students should bring a bottle of water or vitamin water (no juice), and a non chocolate type of snack (snack bars, bananas, veggies or cheese are good, NO crackers, popcorn, cookies or chips as they are messy). Please do not send anything with nuts of any kind.

There are children dancing who have LIFE THREATENING nut allergies.  

5 - If you are not picking your child up yourself, if you are carpooling or having a relative pick up, please ensure your child is aware of this arrangement, and send him or her with a letter to the backstage door monitor. As it's a different door monitor for each show, please do so for both days if you are not collecting them yourself. Ballet ends approx.  3:10pm Saturday & Sunday (this is art, not science, so PLEASE be patient) and the 2nd half at approx 5.30 pm We have not had a full run through, so it's an educated guess. Children who are only in the ballet may ONLY be collected at intermission, not before, so please remain seated until the lights are up for the break.

6 - There will be someone taking the children backstage in little "loads" so the parents will not be allowed backstage at all .

7 - We all work really hard (especially the students) to make this a professional looking show that is fun for the children, great for the audience, but most of all, a BIG CELEBRATION of the students work for the previous 10 months. Please support your child and their studio, they really DO need you there at least one day to see their accomplishments.  Thanks to all of you for your wonderful support, of the studio, teachers and your children!

8 - PLEASE turn off your cell phone. There are DVDs  and BluRays available to order. Instead of watching through a small screen, watch in “real time” and enjoy many year’s of pleasure reliving the moment on your DVD player and TV screen. Filming in NOT permitted during the show at all. There is a link at the top of this page to the DVD order form.

9 - The schedule for the coming season will be posted on the website and early bird registration will be offered exclusively to current Free Flight students at that time.

10 - PLEASE DO NOT phone the studio on the day of the show, no one is there and in case of an emergency (sudden illness or such, not what colour lipstick do they need), call Miss Leanne before 11.30 pm Sat and Sun before she heads out to the theatre. Once there phones are turned off.

Miss Leanne’s number is 604 355 0701 and is ONLY for emergencies.


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